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Thread: Healthcare Bill (HR 3200): The Extra Scary Pages

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sheldon View Post
    Yeah I'm guilty of reading the header but to make a statement like that you must do a follow up in the same sentence, re read you story flow...

    As to drug dealers paying taxes of any kind... you are kidding right? If they were stupid enough to claim the vast sums of money they handle in cash form in their taxes it would send up a huge red flag and they would be arrested by the feds... So they do not pay SS, or contribute to society in any way shape or form, they are total bottom feeding leaches on humankind.

    Druggies owning property again you must be kidding, they rent so when their houses get raided, burn down, or are shot up they do not loose anything, they just move on and ruin another area... Their most recent con is to buy up old motor homes and use them as portable drug labs and distribution centers dumping them when they get too hot.....

    So no by my criteria they would not be on the voting register and neither would anyone that rents, they need other qualifiers. Which brings me to one more point Convicts in prison should not be allowed t vote either....
    Okay, we are talking about two different parts of the drug program. You are talking about the guys standing on the street corner and one or two levels above them.
    I am talking about the people that make millions of $ a year and DO own vast amounts of property... who we DO read about in the paper OFTEN when they get caught and the RICO law comes into effect. I am amazed at the amount of property and things they own. Usually NOT in their name. I thought I read about BHO being connected to one, his neighbor supposedly and some property back in Chicago.

    Quite interesting how they catch those drug lords sometimes. Millions and millions of dollars, all from drugs. Owning all kinds of property.
    And the ones that launder money. Owning businesses to be able to get the drug money into use by running it through one of their front businesses, paying taxes on it. You don't read about those either I suppose. That is okay. It doesn't matter. The bitching and moaning that goes on on these forums don't matter one way of the other with what goes on in the USofA.

    But no, I'm not kidding, LOTS of the bigger drug lords HAVE to pay taxes or they wouldn't be able to spend their money.
    Lots try, lots end up in prison, which is bad. Go over to France, see if they have some guillotines we can borrow/have. Pop the heads off on national TV.
    At least a few of the people would get the idea it wasn't good to deal in drugs. No prison, just a quick little snick and throw the body and head in the incinerator, then you just have a few ashes to dump in the garbage. That would work okay for certain rape cases and murders too.

    Oh, wait. This is the USofA. We give those people a couple years, slap their hand and tell them "DON'T get caught again." But, a lot do.

    Take drunk drivers. HOW do you stop them from driving? They don't care if they have a license or not. Some end up killing people. Been arrested for DUII 10 or MORE times. Then the kill someone while driving drunk. Kill those bastards! Nope, not going to happen. They didn't mean to do that, yada yada yada.

    Go ahead and think I am kidding. It makes NO difference, one way or the other.
    Being on these forums is just a way for us users to ***** and moan and NO ONE cares. No new laws are passed because of what we say. No one goes to prison because of what we say.

    The wife doesn't even make us go to our room without dinner because of what we say on these forums.

    It is just a way for a lot of us to socialize, or, or... or maybe to see if they can push a button or two and get someone riled up. LOL

    It's all in fun. Christmas eve in about 8-10 hours, is everyone ready who "does" Christmas eve? And you that "do" Christmas day, you have a long time yet before the present opening. LOL

    My place is easy, no tree, no presents, no big dinner tomorrow. Sometimes I HATE being poor. But, lots have it worse than me. I have lights and heat, hot and cold running water. But missing a wife. That really makes my Christmas a bummer. Such is life.

    Yeah I'm guilty of reading the header but to make a statement like that you must do a follow up in the same sentence, re read you story flow...
    That's funny, thank you for the laugh! LOL I never thought about it MUST be written a CERTAIN way or some? LOTS? of people reading what I write CAN'T understand what I said?

    It HAS to be in the same paragraph or their attention span loses their train of thought?? WOW!!

    I wouldn't be doing it to just jerk peoples chains, would I? Ooops. LOL

    DID I jerk hard enough that someone stopped reading and started ranting in reply? LOL That is GREAT! I LOVE IT. Thank you Sheldon.

    These forums bring MANY smiles to my face. Thank you EVERYONE!!

  3. But now...

    The best part is now they allllll have to come home. For a month. And I'm guessing the only ones that will be very comfortable leaving their homes is Dr. Coburn, Mr. Inhofe and Mr. DeMint. Everyone else will have to mingle with us, the dirty unwashed, and there will be questions, with varying degrees of intensity for each. I'm sure of that.
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