AARP walks our on forum on Obama Health care
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Thread: AARP walks our on forum on Obama Health care

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    AARP walks our on forum on Obama Health care

    I hope this is not a duplicate thread.

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    I saw that yesterday on the news. I refuse to join AARP because of their Liberal views. They could care less about their clients. They are just in it for the money!
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    +1 RH, AARP is on looking out for anybody but the AARP management. Certainly not any of us.
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    AARP has always leaned to the left. Their true colors are now being exposed. That's why I never signed on.
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    AARP can kiss my B%^Will not support them and never will
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    AARP is basically a welfare agency and cheerleading club for the democratic party and their agenda. With that in mind, one should spend little time wondering why they support OBama. There have been conservatives that have dropped out of AARP, but they are not losing sleep over the missed members. I understand that their membership is in the 10s of millions. If they are registered as a Political Action Committee, they would be the largest in the country.

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    I was a member of AARP until they started supporting Clinton's election 110%. That was enough for me. I quit them a long time ago.

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    I've heard a lot of negative things about the AARP.........think I'll keep supporting the NRA instead of giving my money to the liberals.

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    Many years ago I decided not to join the AARP because they were on the NRA's list as anti 2A supporters. Their support of heath care reform that leaves seniors with less than desired care only shows they are not the defenders of the aging as they present themselves. They are a political lobbying agency with an agenda of their own.

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