How Long Will You Live?
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Thread: How Long Will You Live?

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    How Long Will You Live?

    Just for fun take this short test and get an estimate on your life expectancy.

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    Well, that was danged depressing...

    I guess I'd better get my will in order.

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    virtual age expt. 55.5......Im guessing that isnt good.

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    Biological Age - 52
    Virtual Age - 52
    Real Age - 52

    Life Expectancy - 76

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    Truck drivers are screwed. We obviously drive more than 20k/ year. High stress (especially true in the North East) Most of us dislike our jobs. Many are overweight/obese and sedentary. Lousy diet. The deck is stacked against us.

    Somehow I managed to pull off a life exp. of 76.
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    Kicking ass! This explains a couple of things for me.

    Biological Age: 43
    Virtual Age: 35.1
    Life Expectancy: 82.9
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  8. Cool! I will make it to 97.5 years.

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    it says I'll live to 90.6
    You can have my freedom as soon as I'm done with it!!!

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