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    REAL American Baseball - a good news story

    I slowly stopped being a fan of pro baseball a long while ago, and each new steroid scandal seems to just push me farther away from the "bigs."

    However, I've grown in my appreciation for the Little League World Series because these kids capture the 'heart of the game' and play with a true and pure competitive spirit. Not shoe contracts, not fatter contracts or favorable trades, and Lord willing - they'll avoid the 'performance enhancing drug' route completely too. It's just great baseball, pure and simple. And no gay attempts at first-pitches from Socialist. (I couldn't resist.)

    When the rest of America's culture seems to be "stuck on stupid" (e.g. bHo) and swirling the drain, I thought this was a good news story worth sharing.

    Congrats to the CA team, coaches, and their families!! Great job guys!

    California Beats Taiwan, Wins Little League World Series - Local News | News Articles | National News | US News -

    California Beats Taiwan, Wins Little League World Series
    Sunday, August 30, 2009

    SOUTH WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. Chula Vista, California came from behind to beat Taoyuan, Taiwan to claim the Little League World Series crown on Sunday.

    Bulla Graft's single scored the go-ahead run in the fourth inning as Chula Vista rallied to defeat Taoyuan 6-3.

    Kiko Garcia pitched three-plus scoreless innings of relief to settle down a Chula Vista team that fell behind 3-0 early.

    Chula Vista scored a run in the third before surging ahead in the fourth, tying the game on a sacrifice fly and wild pitch before Graft's single with two outs scored Andy Rios for a 4-3 lead.

    Garcia got Yu Chieh Kao to strike out to end the game.

    Teams from the United States have won five straight titles.
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    I remember the days when players played not only for the money but because they loved the game. The days of the real super stars like Mantle, Mays and pitchers that could actually go 9 innings and preform with out drugs. Those were the days.
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