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    Video - Woman home alone

    1st - really not off topic, but there is no video section I could find.
    2nd - I think the scenario is a little confusing - and may give a false impression of what's a legal/acceptable shooting situation.. but it get's the point across..

    YouTube - Hot Woman Deals With Home Invasion

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  3. I prefer the extended version, where they promise a free rock with every purchase. I can't stop laughing about that one, free rock with every purchase ROFL.

    YouTube - Funny self defense gun store video
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    very nice!!!
    You can have my freedom as soon as I'm done with it!!!

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    I think she would get a No Bill from a Grand Jury in Texas

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    Love it! Nice gun too...
    "There is no consitutional right to be protected by the state against being murdered by criminals or madmen." (7th Cir. 1982, Bowers v. DeVito)Stay safe, and stay

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    HA,,,,,,THATS THE WAY ITS DONE IN MISSISSIPPI! But we dont get the free rock,,,,
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    love it!

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