Detroit woman kills alleged purse snatcher
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Thread: Detroit woman kills alleged purse snatcher

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    Detroit woman kills alleged purse snatcher


    A 43-year-old woman shot and killed a suspected purse snatcher who confronted her at a northwest Detroit gas station this morning, according to police.
    Two men approached the Detroit woman at about 5:30 a.m. at the Schoolcraft and Southfield Mobil station, Detroit Police spokesman John Roach said. The woman is licensed to legally carry a gun for self-defense, he said.
    "They didn't realize she has a CCW (license), so she had a weapon of her own," Roach said. "She fired several rounds at the suspects and they fled.".....

    Detroit woman kills alleged purse snatcher | Detroit Free Press |


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    Nice shoot! Another "dirt bag" takes a "dirt nap"!!!

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    Good for her.
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    I love it!

    She should run for mayor!!
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    "Nice shoot! Another "dirt bag" takes a "dirt nap"!!! "

    Well said, Glockster!

    The other one needed a dirt nap. I hope he gets some of what he deserves via the judicial system.
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    That will send notice to muggers

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    One less dirt bag to worry about!
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    Don't ya just love it! This is happening increasingly all over our country where people are allowed to carry concealed. And I think the BGs are watching, too.
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  10. Good for her! I hope everything works out for her.

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    Our rights

    Good for her! this is why I teach handgun permit classes. When you have to defend yourself to keep what we earn - that is our right! If she was closer, I'd give her a hug and an atta girl for going to the class and being prepared. Her instructor should be proud, and her family thrilled.

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