Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize
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Thread: Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize

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    Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize

    President Barack Obama won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize on Friday for "his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples," the Norwegian Nobel Committee said, citing his outreach to the Muslim world and attempts to curb nuclear proliferation.

    We live in a World full of idiots
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    I thought this was a bad joke, so I had to Google it.

    Nobel committee is

  4. Unfu*kingbelievable

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    He was nominated two weeks after he was sworn in. The messiah strikes again! What a crock...
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    Checking the various news outlets this morning, I see that the award to Obama is being scorned almost universally, even by some people who like Obama. I suspect that Saturday Night Live is already putting something together.

    But let's face it, the Nobel Peace Prize has been a pathetic joke for a long time. Jimmy Carter, Yasir Arafat, Al Gore. Everybody knows it's just another bottlecap that lefties pin on other lefties.

    Obama should do the honorable thing and decline the award. Fat chance.

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    Yeah I saw the news this morning on the MSN homepage when I got to work. Sickening He will suck up all the attention and gladly accept the award. Then he will gloat about it during his acceptance speech and bask in the afterglow.

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    Beam me up Scotty there is no intelligent life down here. Just when you think things can't possibly get any more insane. That makes about as much sense as one of the three stooges wining it. No change that the three stooges would be better.
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    This just makes me want to hurl!!! The Nobel peace prize has been distorted so badly the founder which started to to acknowledge scientific achievement or acts of humanity must me rolling over in his grave right now!!!

    First they give one to Gore for something he lied about, then they give one to BHO for something he did not do.... So where do I apply for some free money I can lie and do nothing just like them for the several hundred K......
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  10. At least Gore "Invented" the Internet LOL

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    There's no end to what liberal white guilt can accomplish is there?

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