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Thread: Rush buying the Rams?

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    Let's stay focus! Rush buying the Rams has absolutely nothing to do with Obama, so let's not start sounding like nut cases who believes when its storming or when the "sky is falling" we need to blame the so called "usurper", because everything wrong with this world is not entirely his fault! Now, if players don't like Rush for whatever reason? They can request to be traded or at least forgo their contract. Believe me, there are plenty of players who are willing and able to play for "The Rush" if he is owner. Just like the good "ole "Marge Schott", the former owner of the Cincinatti Reds, who clearly made some very questionable statements and the Major League knew what actions to take against her.

    Being a very outspoken conservative is not enough to judge whether he will be a productive owner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brock samson View Post
    Rush isn't buying the team. Get your facts straight.

    He's a minority partner in a group of investors that are interested in purchasing the Rams.

    The Rams suck and have for a while. New ownership would be a refreshing change to that once-formidable football club.
    Wait a minute dude. I was not stating any facts. I was just asking a question about it to see if he was buying them or what was going on.

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    Other news:

    Group Bidding to Buy St. Louis Rams Drops 'Distraction' Limbaugh

    Happy now?
    Semper Fi

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    Kind of glad but he would have been fun to root against though.

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    The overly racist black idiots (Sharpton, Jackson and many more) get off on calling all white men racists.
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