Oakley Government and Military Sales
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Thread: Oakley Government and Military Sales

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    Oakley Government and Military Sales

    Deep discounts on Oakley products for out law enforcement and military personnel out there. I have ordered from them myself and it is legit. Well over half price.


    It is only for military/government/LEO. Any you have to send a copy of your ID to prove it. After you get approved you can see the prices and start buying. As I said everything (glasses, backpacks, assault gloves, watches, replacement lenses, etc.) is well over half price.

    I hope this helps some of my brothers and sisters out.


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    Yep, this is a great deal for Military, I purchased a pair of RX sunglasses from them years ago - was one of the first companies to do cool wrap arounds with your RX. Thanks for reminding me - I just sent them my registration info.

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    Thanks for the hook up, Austin - appreciated.
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    Will they take a DD214??

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    Quote Originally Posted by HootmonSccy View Post
    Will they take a DD214??
    They didn't take mine. Had to go to FedEx Kinko's and scan my ID so I could Fax a copy to them.

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