ISS Assembly diagram (History) - My how it's grown...
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Thread: ISS Assembly diagram (History) - My how it's grown...

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    ISS Assembly diagram (History) - My how it's grown...

    This is the ISS Assembly diagram, piece by piece. I had no idea the Space Station had grown to this size.

    ISS Assembly diagram

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    A person can spend an hour or so looking at all the different parts, clicking on all the hotlinks on the righthand side of the display. Thanks for the share of that.

  4. That is cool!!!
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    that's pretty sweet. that would be awesome to get to leave earth for a time.
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    That is a site and really does open your eyes. There are many people that question the money being spent on the ISS and sometimes it is hard to justify it based on direct returns of the investment. In fact the whole space program could be considered a waste unless you look around and start counting the everyday things we take for granted that are a direct result of the space program. I am old enough to remember our first TV and telephone and when the majority of people in our area had neither. I remember the first live broadcasts from Europe and how they could last only about three minutes before the satellite was out of range again.

    The space program may not provide many direct results but without it I think this would be a much different world and not in a good way.

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