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Good find Oregon Vet.
It seems that alot of shifty business has been coming out of both sides of the 'birther' issue. Several people are trying to verify this article with the Kenyan newspaper company, with no luck so far that I've heard. Besides, if the report was real, that doesn't really prove a dang thing. You can't count on the mainstream media for much of anything nowadays.
Well, of course they CAN'T verify it with the Kenyan newspaper. It has nothing to do with the Kenyan newspaper. You can look at the URL's and see it is on the ARCHIVE website and someone went onto THAT site and Photoshopped a couple of pages and put them BACK ON THAT SERVER. All people have to do is Google barrack obama born in kenya and they will have plenty of reading to keep them busy. It is all just BS. I included the three posts that show the ORIGINAL post from the AP in MY first post in this thread. People go back and look at my post and say;NO, you did NOT. Ah, LOOK at the line: 3dic3di33di4xrl.in There they are. All three of them. Try it, they are on a SMALL URL site... so type in: http:// xrl.in/3dic without the space between the // and the x and see what happens. The others in that line are 3di3 and 3di4.
I am beginning to think that this whole birther issue is nonsense. It was apparently an issue before and during BHOs run for office, with no real action being taken to get to the bottom of it. Now they supposedly are going to settle the issue. What do you really think is going to happen? They produce papers proving BHO is not eligible for the presidency and impeach him? I doubt it. I would think more along the lines of showing the papers (fake or not) and ruling he is a natural born citizen, probably through a technicality, and everyone who is on board with the birther issue will have thier foot in thier mouth, indicating that it was probably a big ruse from the beginning. I mean, when Cheney's wife is on board with something, it's probably not a good thing.

And if they decide it's time for Obama to go, then we'll have good ol' scum-bag Joey B. It won't make an ounce of difference in the White House, just business as usual. The only real thing it would effect is the image to the public. The real question is: does BHO still have enough celebrity appeal to pass the agenda through, or have the people seen him for what he truly is yet?
Well, the birther issue isn't nonsense. Obama should have produced ALL of that stuff the FIRST time someone asked for it when he was just campaigning. All of his school records too.
It isn't good he is just jerking the American citizens around to KEEP THEIR MIND OFF OF OTHER CRAP he is trying to ram through, like this Obamacare package. IF that package passes, will MY health insurance drop from $522.00 a month with a high deductible down to $200.00 a month with a LOW deductible? OF COURSE NOT, if anything, it is going to go UP.
It is just ANOTHER tax on middle-class people. Pretty quick, America is going to be a country of beggars and poor people with a few million rich people running everything.
Bush wasn't good for America and Obama sure isn't either. Clinton was/is a real a$$hole in his personal life, but America was in a LOT better shape under him than under Bush OR Obama.
DO we have someone BETTER to run for office in 2012? Dems or Reps? I haven't seen anything yet.
What the hell, we have OVER 300 MILLION people in this country and we can't find a few UPSTANDING people to be President and Senators / Congressmen? OVER 300 MILLION and we can't come up with a thousand or two people to run our country? THAT is SAD. Really sad. What happens? Even with the 'nice' guys? Ah, two words tell all. Those two words?? We all know them.

Money / and / Power. One or the other OR BOTH corrupt. Too bad for us poor people. And the RICH good people? Why would they want to give their time to running such a messed up mess we call the USA?

I don't see any way to fix it. Looks like no one else does either, Cooter.