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    I have a ccw permit in the state of Ohio, I travel to gulf coast a few times a year and many of the states do not honor the Ohio permit but do honor the Florida non-residual permit. I was wondering if any one knew if I could simply take some type of add on course onto of the critical I received to get my Ohio permit or if I have to start the process all over. The info that I have found has confused me a little, any info or a point in the right direction would appreciated!

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    Just go here, get the paperwork ( 4 documents: Application, Fingerprint Card, and 2 good pamphlets).

    Complete the Application, get printed, get passport photo, copy your Certificate of Training. Mail the Application, Fingerprint Card, Photo and a check to the address in the package, then sit back and wait.
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    Good Morning Jadkins9

    You need to apply for a Pennsylvania CC licence.

    If you have an Ohio CC permit all you need to do is fill out and sign their application accomonied by the following.

    1. A copy of your Ohio CC permit.

    2. A copy of your drivers licence

    3. A self addressed stamped envelope.

    4. $26.00 fee for five year licence and out of state processing. (Check/money order made out to Centre County Sheriff.)

    Mail to:

    Centre County Sheriff's Office
    213 East High Street
    Bellefonte, Pa. 16823

    I tried to bring up the Concealed Carry Permit Reciprocity Maps to let you know what states have reciprocity with Ohio and Pa., but it takes for ever, over 10 minets and it's still not up the old map worked better.

    Hope this helps.
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  5. thank you for the info guys, i knew nothing about the Pennsylvania cc until now. sounds like i all ready have what i need to go either direction

    thanks agian

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