OAG and Concealed Handgun License laws Booklets
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Thread: OAG and Concealed Handgun License laws Booklets

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    OAG and Concealed Handgun License laws Booklets

    I teach CHL classes. These are 12 hour classes that Ohioans can take to qualify to apply for their Concealed Handgun License.
    In the past 2 years I have never had an issue with going down to the local Sheriff's office and obtaining copies of the free publication - by the Ohio Attorney General - that outlines Ohio law, Castle doctrine and many other important topics for discussion in the class and also so that student know what they are getting into.

    Every once in a while I get a student that, after reviewing the laws in the state, decides that this isn't just fun and games, so it's not for them.

    SO - I go to the Sheriff's office to get some of these and they tell me they are all out - order them from the OAG. I go to the OAG website to order them - they are no longer in print.

    Does anyone know where we can still get these books? They are a very useful tool and I really feel like we are doing an injustice to people by not having them. I found where I can DL them online, but they don't print correctly - even at the copy store.


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    You probably already have this but I'll post it anyway: 2009 Concealed Carry Laws Manual

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