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    Quote Originally Posted by Lowjiber View Post
    That IS good news. I still want to buy one, but fear the hassle (albeit minor) of buying one and having to send it back to S&W for a replacement.

    I think I'll wait until the defective ones are off the shelves before making the purchase.
    I ended up buying a Ruger LCP as my BUG. Love it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by impcmonk View Post
    I have the .38 and love it! One of the best .38s I've ever had
    Really? I'm looking at the 38 or the LCP as a bug. Pm me some photos to drool over LOL.


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    LOL. My camera is TU right now.

    I initially looked at the LCR. Then when the Bodyguard came out and with a laser!!!!!! You can't touch a LCR with a laser for what S&W charges. Also, the bore axis sits lower in your hand. Way better on recoil. I had on LCP at one time and really wasn't too impressed. Plus I hate paying that much for .380 ammo. That's why I got rid of my Colt Mustang too().

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