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    Parking lots.

    I just want to clear the confusion with my brother. He claims it is illegal for me to have my gun in my truck at a college campus. If the gun is in my glove box with the truck locked while I am in class. I thought I read something that Ohio has no jurisdiction over parking lots and I am allowed to leave it in my vehicle.


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    Yeah according to Ohio Revised Code Title 29 Chapter2923.126 line 5 you can carry a loaded handgun in a glove box on an Ohio college campus with a valid license. If you go to a private college this may not be the case, however.

    (5) Any premises owned or leased by any public or private college, university, or other institution of higher education, unless the handgun is in a locked motor vehicle or the licensee is in the immediate process of placing the handgun in a locked motor vehicle;

    Lawriter - ORC - 2923.126 Duties of licensed individual.

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