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    My brother wants to mail me his Ruger P95. He's in Ohio and I am in Florida. My question is can he personally mail it at a carrier station to a Florida FFL or will he need to take it to an Ohio FFL who will then mail it to a Florida FFL? There are no sales or change of ownership taking place he is just mailing it to me for some recreational use and I wanted to make sure we did this correctly since I have no experience in mailing firearms.

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    once a firearm crosses state lines, it is subject to federal firearm laws. that's why it's necessary to ship FFL to FFL. if it both addresses are within the same state that may be different, but i don't know. between states, you're stuck. pretty sure randomly mailing firearms constitutes a felony

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    Just go to an FFL

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  5. He may send it UPS or Fed Ex to a Florida dealer (FFL). Check your local dealers for their address and transfer charges. I've used Fed Ex a number of times without any hassle but it is expensive. With Fed Ex it must go Next Day Air and UPS requires their premium service as well. I heard that one of them is now accepting 2nd Day Air but have not been able to confirm that. Pack in the smallest package possible and insure full value. Bill

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