Traveling to Ohio this weekend
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Thread: Traveling to Ohio this weekend

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    Traveling to Ohio this weekend

    I will be traveling to Ohio from Pa. this weekend coming straight from work and will have my license to carry sidearm with me. I had planned on stopping at the Ohio line,take all the loaded magazines (out of gun and off my belt) and put them in a box in the back of my pick-up( it has a cover). Take my holster off with the gun in it and sliding it in under the seat.Now I read the magazines have to be unloaded also to be legal even though they are in the back of the truck. If I do all the above, will I be legal in Ohio and not harassed if pulled over?

  3. I'm not a lawyer...but I'd lock the pistol up in the glovebox seperate from the ammo. Ohio's the only state in the union that gives the death penalty for speeding OR handguns! Just kiddin....sorta. (Edit) Remember your permit is NOT honored.
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    My truck is a 2009 but I don't think it has a lock on the glovebox. Do they still make vehicles with lockable gloveboxes?

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    Just keep Ammo, and Gun (s) separate, and in separate places where the gun (s) and ammo do not come in contact with each other, or are readily accessible too each other. Unload the Mag's, and keep them in "either" separate place. If you have a range bag put the gun in that with the mag's, and the ammo somewhere else. This is how I carry in Ohio and haven't had any problems, and that's in a van. Don't worry about the glove box not having a lock.

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    Thanks Duke, I'll do just that.

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    Your welcome Greg, Ohio needs to get some kind of reciprocity with PA. I live within 100 miles of Erie, PA and it would be nice not to have to think about this kind of thing if I cross the border.
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    Just to clarify..... the magazines and/or speed loaders need to be unloaded or the firearm is considered to be loaded, even if they are in separate locked boxes at opposite ends of the vehicle.

    However, you may store all the components (ammo, empty magazines and firearms) in the same area/container together. I know, it is very stupid, we are trying to get it changed...... looks like it may pass this yr......

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    Wow, As long as the mags or speedloaders are unloaded, you can store ammo,mags and empty gun in same area? What liberial came up with that law? Thanks for the info.

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