CHL original in cuyahoga county
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Thread: CHL original in cuyahoga county

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    CHL original in cuyahoga county

    I dropped of my paperwork and did everything at the sheriffs office on may 31st. I am still waiting fit it to come in the mail. I was thinking about calling them, but didn't want to upset them and have it take longer then it would of....

    has anyone ever called and checked on there process on Cuyahoga County?


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    Sorry wrong thread

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    You need to remember that the sheriff's has 45 days to process the request.
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    Get to know your sheriff well. Ours lives in the same town. Did prints, and paper in one day!

    Last time my prints failed and had to drive to OSBI In Okie city and redid them. May be same this time.

    However this time is for instructors permit.

    Just renewed my regular, so it is a $85 dollar loss
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