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  1. Moving to Ohio-CCW Question

    Hi, I'm moving to Ohio in about a month and I'm looking to get a CCW. Do
    gun stores usually offer a package where they can take care of the paperwork for you? Also, to just purchase a firearm, would an official Ohio I.D. suffice?

    Thanks everyone.

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    To get your CCL it's a 12 hour class if your a resident. Most gun stores will have listings of instructors near that will be giving the class. Then you fill out your paper work and apply at near by by sheriff with a passport photo less then 30 days old. Get finger printed and all that. Classes are usually about $120-150 and $55 for licence and $25 background check. Hope that helps you.

  4. It does. Thanks. Can I purchase a handgun to keep in my home as soon as I become a resident?

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    Shouldn't be an issue as long as you aren't a felon or something. :D

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    this is where i went. Home
    very good training by a compant instructor.

    as for buying guns, if you have a vaild ohio photo id and are allowed to own guns it won't be an issue. also private sales of non-nfa controlled firearms are legal and pretty common. check out for some good deals. and if you are in the columbus area and need a tour guide / shooting buddy i'm open.

  7. Thanks for all the tips guys! I really appreciate the help :)

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    Since you are just moving to OH, you will need to go through a deeper background check..... It costs more, I think it is $75.00 If you havent lived in OH for the last (I think) 6 years straight, you have to go through this extended check.I was born and raised here, but was with the Military and out of State for nearly 27 yrs before moving back here and had to go through the extended myself, even though I was from here.....

  9. The Attorney General's website has information with which you will want to be familiar: Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine - Concealed carry
    If you know where in Ohio you plan to relocate, the county sheriff may also have a website where you can find out about their hours for application.

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