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  1. You being charged when he threw out the cigarette is unjust, for sure. Maybe you should have gotten a TV reporter to broadcast your case & put the judge on the hot seat. Sorry it got you into a bind, but seems it would have been worhwhile to somehow find a way to the area of your service. Did they not have busses there?

    At any rate, this will come back to bite you if you don't deal with it. Please call the sheriff in SD & plead ignorant, plead stupid, whatever & tell him you want to clear things up. You don't want this popping up when you apply for a job, apply for credit, renew a driver's license, etc. Deal with it now.

  3. 1 more thought & I'll leave you alone. Your local sheriff where you live may be able to help you, if you have established a good reputation. He may also be obligated to arrest you, I don't know. But if you are prepared to go to CA & deal with things, that may be a quicker & easier way to start. You could go to his office with your papers & tell him you need to clear things up. He may put in a good word for you or serve as a character witness. That could help you a lot. You may or may not be able to get CCW, but your freedom to live your life is at risk until you get this out of the way. Contact local sheriff or sheriff in CA, but do this & don't be scared into backing off. No one wants to see you imprisoned over such small stuff but it could happen.

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    Adding to my earlier post,
    As others have suggested, You should contact the court where the Bench Warrant was issued. You probably should contact an Lawyer before makiing any calls. An Lawyer may be able to resolved this issue.No doubt it will cost you $$, but what price is your freedom worth.

    Beiing that it was a minor charge it's possible that it can be resolved by an lawyer. I wouldn't go at this alone. If community service is all you have to do, maybe it can be completed where you reside now.

    Your best bet is to contact an lawyer, I wouldn't tell anyone that your attempting to apply for an CCW, I would just inform them that you want this matter cleared up. So that, this doesn't follow you. Good luck to you, on which ever path you choose to take.

    Keep us posted throughout your progress, and let us know what happens, and how it ends for you.

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    Umm...they don't allow internet access in prison,'s he going to do that?

    LOL, kidding...

    Dude, get it handled. The CCW is somewhere WAY down the road for you. Would you go into a bank asking for a loan if you'd just filed for bankruptcy? No. So don't walk into the Sheriff's office asking for what amounts to a huge extension of trust, when you've already proven that you can't be relied on to follow a judges order, much less simple law. It'll end poorly.

    Get your [email protected] straightened out first, then once the dust settles, schedule an interview with the sheriff to discuss the matter in person.

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    The short answer is GET A LAWYER. Their advice is much better than ours. <G>

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