Thinking about getting a CCW licenses.....
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Thread: Thinking about getting a CCW licenses.....

  1. Question Thinking about getting a CCW licenses.....

    I want to get a CCW licenses but I don't know if I actually can.

    I currently have a Bench Warrant out on me in San Diego, CA for not doing my community service after I got a littering ticket due to my friend tossing a lit cigarette out of the window while I was driving down the road.

    At the time the community service was located over 35 miles away and I had absolutely no way of getting there and then ended up moving out of state due to not being able to afford to live there any more.

    But I was just wondering if this is going to stop me from getting a CCW licenses or not that way I am not wasting any instructors time if I am not going to be able to.

    Thank you in advance for any information,


    This is what the bench warrant say;

    Warrant Nbr: Y307788 -000 Primary Charge: VC23111
    Warrant Type: Bench Type of Crime: MISDEMEANOR
    Date of Issue: 07/12/2007 Bail Amount: $1,500.00
    Court of Issue: South Bay Municipal Court Appearance: MANDATORY

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    Not a lawyer BUT i say yep ! You should have contacted the court and made arangments to pay the fine that way it will not follow you
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    yeah, sorry, you're pretty much screwed.

  5. Some states don't hold a minor misdemeanor against you, but such a noncompliance can hurt you a lot. Call the sheriff in San Diego & find out what to do to clear this up. Not only for your CCW, but you don't want an arresting officer to show up on your doorstep or at work 1 day. That can mess up your life in many ways. Travel back there & face the court if you have to. Find the $ to pay any fines, stay with a relative there if you still have to do the community service. Get this behind you now before it gets any worse.

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    It was such a minor thing at first, but then you went and disrespected a judge, just about the worst of all crimes in their eyes. You MUST go back and take care of this ASAP. Right now you are considered to be on the run, an escapee. "I got a littering ticket due to my friend tossing a lit cigarette out of the window while I was driving down the road" has nothing to do with what is going on now. This is about disrespect of the court system and disrespect of the judge in particular, a much more serious offense.

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    Because you have an bench warrant out for your arrest, it will show up when you submit your CCW application.

    The best thing you can do, is to contact the court where the bench warrant is issued from, and work something out with them. After that is all worked out you should be good to go.

  8. I had paid the fine it was that i had absolutley no way to get to the community service to do it and befor it ever became this problem i had called the courts to find out what i could do but they basicly said screww you deal with it.

    While i was out there i had no family, no transportation' and a job that i had was barely feeding me. And i know ur goning to say but you were driving. Well it was my friends car and he was drinking at the time so i was the dd. And after the court he got ahipped out accross seas there for i could not barrow the car.

    Judge me if you want but thank you for answering my question.


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    I'm not judging you, but if you have a bench warrant out on you, I wouldn't recommend drawing attention to yourself in any way. Applying for a Concealed Weapon Permit is about the worst thing you could do. If you can clear it up, do so. If not, you will have that warrant follow you a long time.

  10. If you have a warrant then you will get picked up for it when you apply. Happened to me. I had a warrant that was over 4 years old from before I joined the marines. Didn't have to go to court because the lawyer found out the matter had already been resolved but the warrant was still there. Idk giant pain in the ass but CA is a lot touchier than IN so in your case you probably are screwed.

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    Depends on the state. Check with the department in charge of licenses in your state

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