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Thread: Dumb Question on Open Carry with a CCW permit

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    I had to educate the local Police chief about this myself..... He thought the same thing as your friend...

    Here is a quote from the Ohio Attorney Generals handbook on CCW:

    Ohio's concealed carry laws do not regulate "open" carry of firearms. If you openly carry, use caution. The open carry of firearms is a legal activity in Ohio.

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    One benefit of having your CCW if you OC is you do not have to unload the magazines each time you get in a car. If you do not have CCW remember no rounds in the gun, mag or speed loader.
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    It seems to me, "Mr. Know It All's" handle should be changed to "Mr. Know NOTHING."
    But if he is so sure, ask him to cite the specific laws concerning what he believes.
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