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  1. Accidental exposure or printing

    While I have carried for quite some time, I am still vague on the laws or lack of regarding accidental exposure and/or printing. What are the laws in Ohio regarding concealed carry and accidental exposure and/or printing?
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    There are no laws regarding accidental exposure or printing, hence you aren't breaking any laws if it happens. In addition, Open Carry is legal in Ohio.

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    These things happen to everyone sooner or later.
    Not long ago a woman in line at the checkout dropped a glass bottle of juice. I jumped back then squatted to help pick up glass and came up with the stock of my Glock outside my shirt. Even though there were a dozen people standing around the only one who noticed was my 13 year old daughter who politely lifted my shirt back in place).
    I think that often people only see what they want our expect to see.

  5. Ive never heard of someone with a CCW getting harassed for accidental open carry. Ive only heard of one instance (on youtube) where a dirt bag detroit police officer kept harassing a dude for open carry while on a motor cycle. The cop was convinced a conceal carry permit required the individual to not OC.

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