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  1. wtb pocket holster

    For my j frame tarus 85 ul . A pocket holster leather or something made for it I have cash in the Cleveland Ohio area , 2167443091

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    Why don't you see if Fin, Fur and Feather in Middleburg Heights has something that meets your need?

  4. wtb pocket holster

    I went up there it's basic pocket holsters just like the black hawk number four one I have . I want a desantas nemisis one or something custom made kinda . I quit buying off the Internet I don't like waiting for a week for something they get cash right away lol

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    Check the check the gun show they have at the Cuyahoga county fairgrounds or Medina fairgrounds. I think one of them is coming up later this month. That way you can try it on and decise with dozens of diffrent venders you should find something.

  6. wtb pocket holster

    Awesome thanks for the advice

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