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Thread: New guy with question regarding getting CCW

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    Get your conviction sealed.

    Expungement ? public

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    Not to worry

    Quote Originally Posted by Tim1969 View Post
    Ok, I called to the clerk of courts and asked if they would pull records and see what exaxctly I was chraged/convicted with.
    Because honestly, I have no idea.
    She said I pleaded no contest to a M4 Disorderly conduct on 11-94 and got 30 suspended jail time, and 1yr of counseling/probation with local paster.
    She did make it sound as if the M4 disorderly conduct was still a form of DV..

    Should I still go and try to buy a gun and see what happens?
    I have the same charge on my record, it did not start from a DV but it ended in the same charge, M4 Disorderly. It was originally a menacing charge from a sissy, liberal college roommate. I purchased a gun not two years later and had no trouble (they did make me wait three days). I feel like your will have no trouble.
    -Best of luck

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