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  1. GA Concealed Carrier with a question

    I am going to be traveling to Ohio via bus for a conference next week. I know that Ohio does not have reciprocity with GA. My question is, can I keep my weapon in my bag in a lock box while in ohio, or can I not possess it at all while in Ohio?

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    I do not have a clue but, is a great resource among some others that try very hard to keep up with the current laws of each state.

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    In Ohio, your firearm must be unloaded and in one of the following conditions:

    (1) In a closed package, box, or case;

    (2) In a compartment that can be reached only by leaving the vehicle;

    (3) In plain sight and secured in a rack or holder made for the purpose;

    (4) If the firearm is at least twenty-four inches in overall length as measured from the muzzle to the part of the stock furthest from the muzzle and if the barrel is at least eighteen inches in length, either in plain sight with the action open or the weapon stripped, or, if the firearm is of a type on which the action will not stay open or which cannot easily be stripped, in plain sight.

    Open Carry is also legal in Ohio, however this DOES NOT APPLY when in your vehicle. You must have a CHL to carry in your vehicle.

  5. I would call the Ohio State Police to figure out exactly what you should do. That is the only way to cover yourself.

    If you have a non-resident permit from one of the states they honor you are good to go.

    What I do is - go to the state police website and find their contact for CCW and send them an email with the question. When they answer I print that email and keep it with me when traveling as proof that I checked with them. While this has NO legal meaning push come to shove at least it shows that you were trying to do the right thing.

  6. thanks for the info. I will check out the site and the state police.

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    Ohio is not like NY or NJ where mere possession by an out of state visitor is a felony. As long you are not a felon or using drugs your possession will be legal. You cannot carry concealed nor can you carry a loaded handgun in a motor vehicle without a recognized license, but you can open carry a gun in Ohio. Open Carriers without a CHL cannot legally carry in places that serve alcohol for on premises consumption and again, cannot have their gun loaded in a motor vehicle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jdsonice View Post
    I would call the Ohio State Police to figure out exactly what you should do. That is the only way to cover yourself.
    Absolutely false! The only way to cover oneself is to follow the law, which may or may not be what the person on the other end of the phone tells you to do if you call the state police. Advice received from the state police over the phone is not an affirmative defense to any violation of a law.
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