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Thread: Restaurant carry bill introduced

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    The first committee hearing for HB 203 is Thursday, November 5. Any Ohioan that wants restaurant carry needs to be contacting their state representative.

    OFCC article

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    damn we now have kitten snipers to worry about
    Lol don't worry he's laid back.

    When will we know the verdict? I know its a bit soon but in hoping this goes through.

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    Well I attended the first reading in in the committee yesterday. Two more readings wil be required before it goes up for vote in the house. It is basically up to the committee chair as to whether or not this thing sees any movement.

  5. any updates?

  6. I believe this is due to have another reading this month. I think the reading was to around now.

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    Due for another reading the 19th I believe hope to see everyone there to show support.
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    Is the 19th confirmed and where do we attend?
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  9. Did anyone get to attend the reading? I am curious as to the outcome of it, if any.

  10. Looks like it is still not decided yet.


    Here is a link to some testimonials that were posted from the hearing.

    YouTube - HB203

  11. I received a notification from the NRA that this bill was to be heard on Wednesday the 24th of March. I have not been able to find any information on what has happened since then. Here is the text of the email I received from the NRA.
    ************************************************** **************************************************

    Concealed Carry Reform Legislation to be Heard Tomorrow in Ohio!
    Please Contact the Members of the Senate Judiciary - Criminal Justice Committee Today!
    On Wednesday, March 24, at 10:15 a.m. in the South Hearing Room, the Senate Judiciary - Criminal Justice Committee will be hearing sponsor testimony on Senate Bill 239, which would make numerous pro-gun improvements to Ohio’s gun laws.

    SB239, sponsored by State Senators Shannon Jones (R-7) and Tim Shaffer (R-31), would eliminate the current confusing standards of carrying a firearm in a motor vehicle. In addition, the proposal would also allow permit holders to carry a firearm for self-defense in a restaurant that serves alcohol, provided they are not consuming, thus eliminating another “victim zone” in Ohio.
    Ohio has overly burdensome stipulations regarding how a concealed firearm must be carried in a motor vehicle. Current law specifies that a firearm must be either be:

    1.) In a holster secured on the person.

    2.) In a closed case, bag, box, or other container that is in plain sight and that has a lid, a cover, or a closing mechanism with a zipper, snap, or buckle, which must be opened for a person to gain access to the handgun.

    3.) The loaded handgun is securely encased by being stored in a closed glove compartment or center console, or in a case that is locked. A locked case does not need to be in plain sight (an unlocked case does).

    SB239 is a critical step forward to help assure that Ohio permit holders or permit holders of other states are not arrested for accidentally carrying their firearm in a prohibited manner.
    Please contact the members of the Senate Judiciary - Criminal Justice Committee TODAY and respectfully urge them to support SB239. Contact information for the committee can be found below.

    State Senator Tim Grendell (R-18), Chair
    (614) 644-7718
    [email protected]

    State Senator Jim Hughes (R-16), Vice Chair
    (614) 466-5981
    [email protected]

    State Senator Nina Turner (D-25)
    (614) 466-4583
    [email protected]

    State Senator Kevin Coughlin (R-27)
    (614) 466-4823
    [email protected]

    State Senator Keith Faber (R-12)
    (614) 466-7584
    [email protected]

    State Senator David Goodman (R-3)
    (614) 466-8064
    [email protected]

    State Senator Joe Schiavoni (D-33)
    (614) 466-8285
    [email protected]

    State Senator Bill Seitz (R-8)
    (614) 466-8068
    [email protected]

    State Senator Shirley Smith (D-21)
    (614) 466-4857
    [email protected]

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