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As an Oklahoma CCW instructor I can tell you NO, you may not carry into the building if it is posted on or within 25ft (I think) of the door. As for a gun not registered to you? Guns are not registered to a person. When you buy a gun and they do the back ground check it is for the sale of (long gun or hand gun) and the ATF IS NOT given the make, model or serial. Now it is true that the information is kept at the store. But as a former cop of 10 years I can tell you that information is NOT included in a triple I (Interstate, intrastate & interpole, this is what a cop asks for when in contact with you and they call dispatch for your record) That’s the long answer, but you can carry any weapon (16” or less, .45 or less, manufactured to be fired with one hand) as long as it is not stolen and registered NCIC as such.
There is nothing in the statutes that mention a certain distance from the door. The "dreaded sign" would apply to inside of the building only. The III you speak of stands for Interstate Identification Index and is not a routine thing any officer asks for. The record can't be given over the radio anyway, only a response as to whether someone is listed there or not.