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Thread: Open Carry Coming To Oklahoma?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CAPTAINJACK View Post
    Ok new ones sb 1092 by senator steve russell,sb 1733 ,sb 1557, sb 1549 to remove city county and state buildings from the self defence act,leaving only federal and schools, sb 1947 pertains to leo notification,sb 1810 open carry in vehicles only. Check em out they are all being revued by state public safety
    I've been trying to find the place online where I can go, and see how everyone voted on past bills, Senate and House, and it sounds like you might know.
    I've found a place or two where I can see the stuff they are voting on right now, but I'd like to see how some people voted on some things in the past.
    Sometimes I think the OK House and OK Senate needs a shakedown and some people replaced.

    If there is not a place like that, then there should be. Actually, it should be posted on the Senate and House website. They should be proud of how they voted and not want it hidden. I want to be able to go back and see how some senators voted on issues in the past. I really think that some people get re-elected just because of name recognition / because people know their name. If they get re-elected, it should be because the person thinks, believes, and wants the same way that they do.

  3. what's going on ... no action on open carry? Is it dead again? Can we really count on legislature to do something right this time? I have been more than sceptical all along.

  4. There's an open carry bill again in process. Let's hope that that it makes it thru this time. It's a start.

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    One more step towards open carry in Okla. Passed the house of reps, 85-3, headed for a committee. Keep our hopes up.
    Gun free zones are safe havens...........for criminals.
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  6. Passed the Senate 33-10, being sent to the Governor to sign.
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    Yep, it passed and is on the way to the Governor, and she has promised to sign. There were some very confusing variations to the Open Carry Bill, but the one that passed is the one that says if you have a Concealed Carry License, then you would automatically be able to Open Carry without any other classes or certifications. There were other bills that was a Open Carry bill with no previous license required, but that isn't the one that passed. True Constitutional proponents are let down on that fact, but I like this version better, but that is just my worthless 2 cents worth. The woman Governor we have is looking forward to signing the bill, so I'm in love with her, lol. The hard part now is, we have to wait until Nov 1 for it to become law after it is signed.

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    Signed today, effective Nov 1st.

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    So with open carry coming in November, I'm curious to know how many of us will choose OC over CC on a daily basis. Would anyone care to share your thoughts?

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    Congrats OK. Thought I would share this (without starting a new thread)

    At least you guys have one decent sheriff :) And a store with a pretty sweet shelving display.
    “One of the illusions of life is that the present hour is not the critical, decisive one.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

  11. Beginning November We who have a CCP will be able to open carry if desired. Passed and signed, finally!!

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