Open Carry Coming To Oklahoma?
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Thread: Open Carry Coming To Oklahoma?

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    Open Carry Coming To Oklahoma?

    Open Carry in Oklahoma gained momentum this year with an open carry bill, HB 3354, being passed by the Oklahoma House but then soon being vetoed but he Governor at the time. Now that Mary Fallin was declared winner last night, are we soon going to see that bill being signed into law? Here's a quote from her campaign website:

    Furthermore, I believe that gun ownership rights in Oklahoma can and should be expanded. Gov. Brad Henry vetoed an "open carry" law that would have permitted responsible gun owners to carry weapons without concealing them. When I am governor, I will sign that bill into law and send a message that in Oklahoma, we mean business when it comes to the second amendment.

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    This sounds like good news.

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    Love her attitude!
    One must be wary of the mentality creating the problem or the law creating the crime.

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    I believe that this was killed in the House. Unfortunately.

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    It will probably come up again in the legislature next year.

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    Did not happen this year. We have a bunch of "no guts" legislators.
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  8. Open carry can't come soon enough for this CCW Permit owner. Maybe I won't always open carry but I feel it will make all carry safer from Police abuse.

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    I can't say that I would look forward to seeing a bunch of insecure people without any training whatsoever running around with a weapon in their hip.

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    Interesting debate. I just took the conceal carry class and didnt know that open carry was being discussed in our state.

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    I'm not gonna hold my breath.

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