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    Thanks for the discussion guys. Very insightful. On a local board I am on, it was calculated that by the number, there are only 1.5% of total populus that carries concealed. I do my best to look for others and see if I can spot concealed weapons, but have yet to do so.

  3. Here's a scenario that has me bothered as its the most likely scenario imo. What do you do with MULTIPLE bad guys who are unarmed? Do you have to take blows before drawing? I've been in a couple situations where groups of people Target me for any reason they can find, obviously looking for trouble and speedwalking away always prevailed but I've always wondered what if? I'm a big guy and 1on1 unarmed I would never draw unless somehow I'd lost and my head was getting stomped or something of that nature but multiple attackers, weapons or no can lead to death very easily. I've seen a single punch turn someone into mush. Can anyone clarify what they would do in a 3+ ( maybe 2 depending on size ) scenario?

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    Cotillion, I am not a little guy either, not an intimidating figure tho. I am 6' 3" at about 200 or so. As you say, one on one I wouldn't draw unless the other drew a weapon as such. If I was about to be attacked by two or more, screw it...I am drawing.

    I have carried for almost a year now. Have been stopped by LEO's on two different occasions with absolutely no problems. Brandishing is a grey area. I feel the best thing you can do is use your judgement. If you are in a life threatening situation, draw. "Judged by twelve or carried by six" Granted, you may be in heap of trouble for it, but you may save your life. As it was stated, if you do draw, be the first to make "the call" and make it clear what is going on. Sure makes the self defense insurance look better doesn't it.

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    Sorry for coming in a little late, but this is something I've thought a lot about without coming to any decisions.

    Sometimes I wonder if other things can make a difference. I'm 66 years old, 5'9, 155 pounds. I'm no longer as strong, or as coordinated as I use to be and my joints now hurt to much to out run anyone. Someone younger, 6' + and around 200 pounds is probably going to put me in the hospital, or kill me without needing to use a weapon. I would have no chance against several such individuals and even worse to me, I would also be unable to protect my wife.

    I always try to be aware of my surroundings and as much as possible we are careful about where we go. Unfortunately, we like to eat out occasionally and some of our favorite restaurants are not in the best neighborhoods. For the most part, I have been able to avoid any bad situations, but there have been two or three times when I couldn't avoid one, or more people who looked like they could be looking for trouble or muggers. So far, at the last minute, they have just smiled, said hi and kept on walking. I have also been approached at gas station/convenience stores by people wanting a hand out, or a ride. I just put my left hand up to keep them from getting any closer and keep telling them I can't help them until they get the hint and go away and haven't had to show my gun. Sometimes, just putting my hand in my pocket is all it takes.

    So, after this rather lengthy explanation, I'm pretty sure most will answer to do whatever is necessary to survive and worry about the consequences later. If my wife was with me, I'm sure I would pull my gun and use it if necessary, but I still wonder what my rights would be if I were attacked by one or more younger, larger individuals, or groups who didn't have weapons. How would the law look at it?

    Fortunately, I live in OKC and not Tulsa. The Tulsa prosecutors have almost always be anti gun and concealed carry, so I'd probably end up in prison if this happened there.

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