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  1. I think a case like this was solved in Miami. There was an episode of "First 48" on A&E the weapon was a Desert Eagle .50 and there were only like 3 registered in Dade county. I would have to see the episode again but I believe it was a registered weapon that committed the crime.


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    Quote Originally Posted by HK4U View Post
    Why stop with sending out letters? Why not just bring in the military and do house to house searches to find what your are looking for. Also pull over ever car and search them and make sure they have their "papers."
    careful what you ask for.
    You can have my freedom as soon as I'm done with it!!!

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    Law enforcement in the wrong...

    Quote Originally Posted by gunowner View Post
    As far as embarassing themselves in public...the ones who should be embarassed are the ones who would do anything to hinder them finding the girls killer. They've (OSBI) done nothing to be embarassed about.
    We have rules. That is how we (hopefully) get along with each other. But what the OSBI did do, is totally wrong.

    IF they were worried about those few .40 caliber guns, then a much more correct letter for them to have written to those people (whom OSBI had illegally gotten their names) would have been:

    Dear owner of a .40 caliber gun,

    We have two murders we are trying to solve and would like you to please look and see if your .40 caliber gun is still in your possession. If you think it may have been missing the last few days, would you please notify us promptly. If you think someone may have used your weapon and returned it, would you please bring it to the local state police station so we can rule it out as the murder weapon.

    Your help in this matter is appreciated very much.


    State Cops


    I sure can't go along with: This caliber gun was used in this crime, there are 25,000 of them registered in this county, bring all those people in and grill them. Whether it was ONE gun or 100,000 guns that were the same, the cops did wrong.
    They are calling people guilty without due process. If I lived there and they sent me a letter like they did send...I would NOT be a happy camper. The OSBI owes a bunch of people an apology.

    That is as messed up as the cops taking peoples weapons after the hurricane a few years ago. Hopefully "that" problem is fixed.

    I am a Life NRA member too, but I sure think different. If the cops think one or two of "those" people (who's names they got) are guilty, then they need to pursue those one or two people. Not everyone. And they had better have evidence why they think those one or two people are guilty of the murders.

    But a blanket letter of: get down to the police station and bring your gun with you.

    Nope, not a good thing to happen in American.


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