Bill Would Stop Inquiries About Guns
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Thread: Bill Would Stop Inquiries About Guns

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    Bill Would Stop Inquiries About Guns

    Legislation that would bar employers from asking job applicants if they own a gun has won preliminary approval in a state House committee.

    The House Judiciary Committee voted 9-2 Thursday to send the legislation by Rep. Rex Duncan of Sand Springs to the full House for a vote.

    Duncan, the committee's chairman, says the measure is a response to a questionnaire that members of President Obama's transition team were required to fill out. 1 of the questions asked applicants to provide registration information on any guns they owned.

    Duncan says he is concerned that the Obama administration will be hostile to the Second Amendment right to own firearms.

    But Duncan says he does not know of any Oklahoma employer who asks similar questions.

    Source: KSWO

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    I have never been asked if I own a gun by an employer. But then again, most jobs that I have worked at it is implied.

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