Federal lawsuit against cleveland heights police filed!
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Thread: Federal lawsuit against cleveland heights police filed!

  1. Federal lawsuit against cleveland heights police filed!


  3. Awesome brother, IMO you're rights were violated, and I do believe you are owed a formal apology, and this department needs to educate their officers on the correct protocol for responding to panic calls about law abiding citizens utilizing their rights.

    I do however, hope that this action is not based solely on potential financial gain. Thank you for standing up, and doing what most will not. I wish you luck, and hope that you keep this board updated.

    PS; I'm sure you're attorney has told you this, but keep your mouth shut. Don't state any motives for the suit, and don't make any posts/comments that are not public record.
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    Please keep us up to date on the case.

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    Go for it!!

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    "We don't know who you are..."

    "Officer, are you saying that only people you know can legally carry a gun?"

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    I can't wait for this case to develop and see what this guy was doing prior to turning on the camera.
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    In any group of government officials, be they police or politicians, inevitably the one doing the most lip flapping is the one with the least knowledge about that which they are flapping their lips. Officer Jane Doe proved that.

    What happened after the tape ended? Did they arrest you, keep your firearm and let you go? Give you back your firearm and apologize?

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    Good job. Your founding fathers would be proud.

  10. Exclamation This Pressed my HOT Button

    I have to strongly disagree with this, but please read my entire response before your crucify me.

    All something like this does is bring unnecessary attention at a time when the current climate politically is creating enough problems. I understand the law, but I also understand common sense. If I was a cop, what am I expected to do? Just let anyone walk down the street with a gun? I am extremely pro concealed carry and I am active in state politics regarding changing the laws to make this easier once a person has qualified, but I am dead set against open carry, at least in residential or heavily populated areas. All it does is give the antis something to work with and scares the H#*$ out of the ordinary civilian. If I was a parent and saw someone walking through my neighborhood, I would want to know who the H#*& it was too!

    I know all the arguments against my viewpoint and I even agree with many of them. However, REALISTICALY, all I see from this is a step backward for those of us trying to make things better and easier as far as getting gun legislation passed. This is counter productive and inflammatory IMHO, whether it is lawful of not, it is not SMART. Come at me with an "In Your Face" attitude for pro gun rights and you will get an "In Your Face, Right Back At Ya” response from the antis AND the average citizen. Also, it will erode our support from the many law officers that are currently on our side. This we can not afford.

    As gun owners and supporters of the 2nd Amendment, it is our responsibly to act responsibly and EDUCATE people by setting an example, not by inflaming the situation. Show someone a gun and how to shoot; get them hooked. Get them educated with REAL facts, figures and experiences. If a person’s first introduction to firearms is basically being hit over the head with one while you say "It's my right", I can assure you that I would work quickly and very diligently to make sure you no longer have that right! More importantly, the MEDIA would support me; would you be able to say the same? Would you get the coverage I would get? Just wait until I bring out my crying children that were” scared” of the “bad man with a gun!” YOUR rights do not trump MY rights. Fitting into the stereotype the media has created (wrongly), is not the example we as responsible gun owners should be displaying. We should be working to dispel that stereotype, not reinforcing it.

    To me this situation was unnecessary, counter productive and does NOTHING to increase our ability to lawfully possess a weapon. It does however, make it MUCH harder, if not impossible now to win over the people that called the police and many of those observing. "Look, the police have that gun totter down on the ground and handcuffed, I knew he was a bad guy" is what people observed and that just reinforces their negative view; it has done NOTHING to create a POSITIVE one.

    We all need to be SMARTER than our adversaries and play to OUR strengths, not THEIRS. Confrontation is not the way to achieve anything. Confrontation is EXACTLY what our opposition wants and I for one do not intend to provide them with ANTHING that could potentially hurt the cause whether I am RIGHT or not. In this scenario we potentially lost multiple families that could have been allies, given the media something to scream and stomp their feet over, threatened any rights that currently exist and alienated several police officers. Was this guy right? YES! Was he SMART? NO! Did he achieve anything POSITIVE? NO. Did he achieve anything NEGATIVE? ABSOLUTLEY!

  11. ^^I disagree with everything that guy said.^^

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