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    Places to open carry/CC in Missouri...

    Here is the url of places you can open carry and cc here in Missouri...and where it is not allowed:

    UPDATED* 7/21/2009 5

    Check your area.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bcdad View Post
    The feeling is unbelieveable. During the winter months it's hard to do, but when I get to where I'm going I take off my my coat and it's all open. I can't wait till warmer weather where it's all oc all the time.
    Get a drop leg holster and you can wear the heaviest coat you want without looking awkward.

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    @ Tucker's Mom..........Just a quick question. Who told you that ??? [" But the law in Missouri states that if you carry, you should have a permit."] or where did you find that in the law and what YEAR ????
    Just curious since Missouri no longer requires a permit for Open Carry. They USE TO, BUT not any more.

    ["I know it is very tempting, when you have a gun to carry out and show everybody and/or think that you can protect yourself if you have a gun.''].............Don't know if this is straight out sarcasm or you're just tryin to be funny BUT, I have been carrying a gun for several years now and have NEVER ONCE thought of it as you say "showing off". I don't really give a rat's ass what some folks think about whether they like it or don't. It's just the way our family is and we ain't about to apologize to you or anybody else for any of it. I ain't out to impress nobody. Most folks here, in rural Missouri, couldn't give two ***** less about the fact that we do open carry 24/7/365 except either when we go to the school or down to post.

    "You cannot open carry in all of Missouri --" This I know. We usually don't even go to any of those towns since they ain't nothing to offer anyway. And I carry a file with not only the list of Open Carry/No OC towns, I carry a copy of the Missouri Statutes with the Firearms Law, all the City Ordinances for any of the towns that we either do or might go through in all of our rigs, as we are on the road all over Missouri hauling cattle and for other ranch business. We have three ranches in three different counties, 3 hrs apart each. One big triangle. Cape County, Texas County, Callaway County.
    I know alot of law enforcement in my area from local town police, Sheriff's Deputies as well as some of the State Police and none of them have EVER asked to see so much as my driver's licence just because I carry a gun. Because they damn full well that unlicensed open carry is the Missouri State Law and my right as a resident of Missouri carry as such. We have discussed that and a miliion other issues siitin on my tailgate or on my front deck havein a cookl drink. My wife and I as well as my daughter and other family members do intend on taking the CCW course in order to carry concealed sometime or other but will do so when we have the time to take such a course that actually fits into our schedules. Doubt that I will use it much if any but never the less I will "ASK for PERMISSON to carry a gun" from the state of Missouri. Oh btw, that was sarcasm !!!!!!!!!!
    Also, I am not military, BUT we are an Army family with several member of our immediate family currently on active duty and some of them are deployed to the sands. Let me say that I have the utmost respect for all of our Military and want to Thank your son or daughter for their service and your sacrafice. We know what it like to be parents of a soldier.

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