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    First Time OC

    Today was the first time I open carried my handgun. I am from NY and have my CPL in NY but I am in Washington state right now and I open carried for the first today. It was both liberating and nerve wracking. I enjoyed the feeling of being able to openly carry my gun into stores and around town. I am applying for my CPL in WA but I won't get that for a few months so I figured I would do the next best thing. I really enjoyed it but I do see the tactical disadvantage to open carry (everyone knows your packing). Well I have to say it is quite and experience.

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    sometimes it can be a crime deterrent too

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    While I've not OC'd here in WA yet, I have been to a couple of gatherings with someone who did OC.
    Once was at a off-leash dog park. Nobody had a problem with it.
    The other was at a party with about 60 people. This was a no-alcohol party and again, there was no problem with it.

    Other than this one person I know who's been to these events, I can't remember seeing someone open carry. Still, I've not seen any downsides in WA.

    Please, Let us know about the entirety of your experience whenever you've had some more time OC'ing.

  5. Smile Kudos to you

    I couldn't do that myself, but hats off to you! :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by rva1911 View Post
    I couldn't do that myself, but hats off to you! :-)
    I have been carrying for quite sometime and haven't OC'ed yet myself. When I did carry mine for the first time, it was at Wally's and I felt apprehensive too, can't reach for anything on high shelves and that thinking that my gun will show. It must be nice and liberating to not worry about such things, but here in Missouri, not the entire state is an OC state, just some counties you can, some you can't. Here in our county, we can't.

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    Oc 2

    I opened carried again today. It was much easier and I felt I didn't get as many looks. I did have someone ask me "What job lets you carry one of those", I told the guy our rights and why I carried. It was cool. I still have not run into any LEO'S (thankfully) but I feel confident I know the laws well enough to inform them and know my own boundaries. I don't have much confidence in the police knowing the laws though. I went to the Sheriffs office and asked to apply for my Non-resident CPL and the ladies looked at my with a blank stare and didn't even know what non-res meant. I still prefer CC but OC is a really good alternative to CC if its all you got.

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    I used to OC all the time, it is ok in VA (some counties and localities prohibit) Most of the LEO's around knew me, and knew I was on their side (matter of fact, I use to ride with a couple of them sometimes, OC when I did). Now I mostly CC, but still occasionally OC. Glad to live in a "pro-gun" state. My local Chief and a couple of officers know that I carry, and they are Pro 2A. Again, they know they can count on me in an emergency.

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    Are the police more dangerous than the crooks?

    Please check out this story before they archive it Gun Rights Advocates Target California Detective Following Facebook Posts - Local News | News Articles | National News | US News - . We are pretty sure of the intent of criminals. But, what about your local cop? Some are just poorly trained and paranoid (as in the Arizona case), while others are outright malicious (as in this California case). You never know who your dealing with. Saying ""In no way are his personal comments reflective of any policies or procedures here at the department nor does he speak for the police department," Estelle told the newspaper." isn't very reassuring. He is still free to act on his own and "explain" it away after the fact.

    Get concealed and stay concealed. What to you think?

    Arizona case? See: U.S. News: Latest Headlines, Video and Photos from Across the United States - ABC News ... id=8756441

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    I have a lifetime permit to carry in Indiana, always thought it was for just a cc only. Need to check on oc. Anybody know?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kiml View Post
    I have a lifetime permit to carry in Indiana, always thought it was for just a cc only. Need to check on oc. Anybody know?
    I know you need a license to OC in Indiana, but I don't know if the CC and OC licenses' are the same.

    Go here and ask, the people who frequent that site tend to be more educated on OC laws than here.

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