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    NavyLT, should the cops have investigated or not? This is one of the things that makes forums interesting, on one hand we tend to give the LEO a break because of what the BG admitted and use this story to promote our cause yet on ther other hand we should be all over the LEO for invading the privacy of some fine upstanding people who had broken no laws. You can say whatever you want to about conspiring to commit a crime but that is a very grey area. The local K-9 Officer spoke at our Men of the Church last Tuesday night and I am sure that many people would have been very upset at some of the comments he made about how they have caught drug dealers by "profiling" to start with.

    On a side not his dog was called "Bear" and that is one mean looking dog. He is a European German Shepard that weighs 105 pounds. If that officer tells me to stop or he will turn Bear loose I am going to stop!

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    I think the cop did the right thing by investigating suspicious activity. There are certain things LEO's are trained to look for that fall under "Suspicious" activity:

    Two cars idleing "behind" a resturaunt, bank or store when they should NOT be there are DEFINITE red flags!

    If he did not do his job, they could have waited or returned "after" the OC'ers left.

    It's easy for those that have not been trained OR experienced what it's like to be an LEO to Monday morning quarterback. But, these people really only appear to be trying to cause trouble by seeing problems where there really isn't any.

    IMO; We need more officers like this on the streets.

  4. No, I don't begrudge the officers for checking them out at all. And, in Washington anyway, the courts would probably have ruled that probable cause for a Terry Stop did exist given all of the circumstances... most especially the masks. Early morning at a Waffle House in possession of guns would not be probable cause, as evidenced by the two open carriers inside, but the masks, if in plain sight, probably pushed the situation over the line for probably cause.

    I think everything turned out just fine inside and outside the Waffle House. Now, I am walking into Waffle House at 4:00 am carrying my normal handgun in my normal holster, police officer stops me, he isn't getting anything more than good morning, sir. Anything else beyond that I am going to explain that I am doing nothing illegal, that it is obviously a normal activity for me to be going in there at 4:00am otherwise they wouldn't be open at 4:00 am, and I would appreciate being able to eat my breakfast or drink my coffee without the benefit of their company.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by NavyLT View Post
    ...I would appreciate being able to eat my breakfast or drink my coffee without the benefit of their company.
    I would appreciate being able to eat my breakfast and drink my coffee and ENJOY the benefit of their company without an interrogation. Substitute with "without having to play 20 questions" as ones humor desires.

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