Power Mad State Trooper Abuses Authority.
Open-Carry rally this Sunday Feb. 21st in Sussex Wisconsin.

Here is what happened:

On Monday Feb. 15th, one of our members, "Joseph" was doing something he has done on many occasions. That is sitting down for lunch at China-Wok in Sussex, WI while open-carrying as law-abiding citizens do in Wisconsin. The only difference on this day was a Wisconsin State Trooper; "Trooper Kneisler" was in the parking lot. On this day, this particular Trooper was on a mission to place his personal desires above his professional responsibilities. It appears to us at Wisconsin Carry that Trooper Kneisler was determined to oust Joseph from the restaurant before he had any knowledge of the stores policy or even that the store-owners had any desire for his intervention. Don't take our word for it. When Joseph saw Trooper Kneisler heading into the restaurant, he pulled out his recording device (standard accessory for many of us who want to make sure we have documentation in the event of unlawful conduct by law-enforcement) and video-taped the encounter:
Watch it on You-Tube here

Unfortunately this video is not the end of the story. Late Monday night 3 Waukesha County Sheriffs Deputies visited Joseph at his home. Indications from the deputies was that Trooper Kneisler had continued his persecution of Joseph by contacting them and untruthfully suggesting Joseph was trying to impersonate a police officer. Reasons given included that he was "open-carrying" and that he has CB Radio antennae on his vehicle (a Hyundai Elantra)?

As would be expected, the deputies determined State Trooper Kneisler's complaint was unfounded and left.

This impacts all of us everywhere. If you are interested, Time and date is set:

Date: Sunday February 21st

Time: 12:30pm

Location: Meet at Starbucks in Sussex
N65W24950 Main Street
Sussex, WI 53089

We will be meeting at Starbucks, try to be there at 12:30 sharp. Once we meet there we will be heading over to the State Patrol Office in Waukesha to demonstrate outside the building. If you don't make the 12:30 meeting time at Starbucks in Sussex plan to catch up with us at the State Patrol headquarters around 1pm 21115 East Moreland Boulevard, Waukesha, WI

Open-Carry strongly encouraged, but not required. Out of state people may carry open. No concealed carry at all. Your firearm must be in a case designed for a gun and recognizable as such. When in the case, it must be unloaded, mag and ammo may be in the same case as the gun. Case must be out of reach (in the trunk, in the back of a mini van or SUV, etc. If you would like to carry and show your support, we are happy to have you. If you just want to be there but no carry, fine, carry is optional.

Thank you for your support.

Just thought you would like to know.

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