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Thread: Wallet Card for Open Carry?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jmazz View Post
    i LIKE THE WAY you THINK....Great response....I'm with you on this one 100%
    Because it's cheaper to feed a gun than to feed a cop works too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Gay Al View Post
    If you know anyone who's interested, they can start one. Just go to the national PP website at Pink Pistols . They've got a link to an E-book on how to start a new chapter. Not rules, just guidelines and info to help anyone interested in doing so.
    Thanks for the info. I will see if I can find someone with the time and interest.

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    Local fellow that I haven't seen for a while, OC'd always. Inked down the front of his holster - quite plain! - "Because I Can". About the simplest way I know of to not have to answer dumb questions.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by OC in Colorado View Post
    My wife was harassed by an anti-gun nut the other day while OC'ing. This prompted me to go to vistaprint and order some business cards to be handed out to anyone who needs to be educated as to the legalities and merits of practicing ones right to bear arms.

    Please comment on this, I would like to hear your input.
    Good job! simple and to the point...

  6. open or concealed carry

    A gun in the hand is better than a cop on the phone!
    That'll work too....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unfettered Might View Post
    The simplest answer I have found to the question, "Why do you carry?"

    Do you own a fire extinguisher?
    And your follow-up to "Yes, but I don't carry it on my belt" is?

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