Portland Maine open carry demonstration
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Thread: Portland Maine open carry demonstration

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    Portland Maine open carry demonstration

    Will be held this Sunday, and one Portland city councilor is organizing a counter-demonstration, saying "We're not going to normalize antisocial behavior" !!
    Apparently the 2nd Amendment constitutes antisocial behavior!!!!!!!

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    Arizona Pete,
    Do you have specifics on the event? Like location?
    Curt Lovelace
    Bible believing, gun toting pastor
    Acton, Maine

  4. Sounds like an awesome event. If I wasnt attending an NRA training, I would attend.
    Retired US Army Medic
    Proud Husband, Dad and Christian

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    Believe it is at the Back Bay parking lot across from Hannaford ~ don't know the time.

  6. we just wenr through another thing here in Maine. CCw's in National Parks (Acadia) and won.

  7. Open carry is legal in Maine. It just draws a lot of attention.

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