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Thread: Grooming and Manner of Dress for O.C.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCJeffro View Post
    I open carry every day and have yet to be bonked on the head and stripped of my weapon... Not to mention I have had several friendly interactions with LEO, such as talking with them while having lunch in the same place, when I bump into them at Starbucks or while walking around my apartment complex for a little exercise (several LEO live in my complex) and as of yet have had no problem while OCing...
    Exactly. I've only had (+) LEO encounters. I was OCing when I shook Mike Cox's (Michigan's AG) hand. I have yet to recieve a negative reaction to my OCing other than a glare once in a while. It still amazes me just how many people don't even notice, LEOs sometimes included. My CPL allows me to OC into most PFZs, a couple/few of which I've OC'd in, without any problems.

    We've gone over and over the +'s and -'s to open carry vs. concealed carry, and like Jay said, it's a personal preference. Yesterday it was 87 degrees and muggy...I sure as hell wasn't about to conceal.
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    I'm conscious of everyone...that's just the way it is with me.

    However, certain ways of standing, walking and how they look at other people will get my attention more than clothes, tats, holes or hairstyle...

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    Quote Originally Posted by PaxMentis View Post
    I'm conscious of everyone...that's just the way it is with me.

    However, certain ways of standing, walking and how they look at other people will get my attention more than clothes, tats, holes or hairstyle...

    Very good point there. Do they stand/walk in the middle of the sidewalk and act likethey are refusing to move or when they see you coming move over to allow both of you room on the walk. There are many little things that we see but don't see that get our attention. Just the manner of how they stand give off clues more than dress. I work at a college so I am around college students all day. The range of how they act vs how they dress is almost comical at times as I get to know many of them closely. It is funny to hear some "gangsta" saying "Yes, sir" and you can tell actually meaning it while you are lucky to even get a recognizable grunt out of one dressed very nicely and clean cut.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GOV5 View Post
    Yesterday, I was out on my bike and rode over to Sullivan's Island and Isle of Palms. Right in the parkinglot at Breech Inlet, there was a young woman that was changing a flat tire on her small SUV. I stopped and parked my bike. I asked if she would like some help. She said "yes, that would be great".

    Well, she already had the jack out and under the car, which impressed me. But she was not strong enough to handle the lug bolts. So, my skinny butt got down there and whipped those suckers loose like they were nothing. LOL!! Of course, the young lady responded with the Mama taught response "Boy, you're strong. You got those off quick". Response ensuring that I would complete the entire job after hearing that. LOL!

    Anyway, got her going again, and then said, "You see, all bikers aren't bad people. Most will always help you when you are in trouble. They understand what it means to be stranded. Next time you need help when you're out on your own, look for a biker. Yo can always count on them."

    And Yes, I know what you're thinking. She wasn't too hard to look at either. LOL!!
    +++ on that! I'll always trust a biker (or a trucker for that matter) to come to my aid if I'm stranded on the roadside. I have many biker friends and they're good people. One of my closest friends is a mean looking, bald, tattooed and ear pierced guy who is one of the kindest, most family/friend oriented people I know.

    So it just goes to show you that you have to use your head and your instincts and not let stereotypes get in the way.

    Just my .02


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    Quote Originally Posted by wolfhunter View Post
    I worry as much about the guy in business casual as the "biker". I watch for BEHAVIOR, not clothing, although I will try to spot others around me who MAY be carrying (fanny pack, vest, untucked loose shirt, etc.)
    +1 Situational awareness is more important to me. I look at body language over clothes. I am a 50 year old white male, so I dress conservable, but I do wear jeans and a tee at times. I OC every day and have never been stopped by a LOE. How you carry yourself is important, Google sheep, sheep dogs and wolves
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    Like it or not we are all 'Ambassadors' who are BOTH exercising our Open Carry right and ALSO trying to help the public be less worried when they see someone carrying a sidearm. As for me, while I don't try to look like as 'Osmond Brother' I don't try to look like you 'Scumbag' type either. I do profile -- every day. And someone's appearance is - like it or not - one of the ways people look at others in order to discern whether or not that person is a postetial friend or foe.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by hopnpop View Post
    and like Jay said, it's a personal preference.
    Yep. And besides, I always like it when he says:
    Quote Originally Posted by Jay View Post
    deal with it.

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    I generaly prefer to carry concealed, but the hotter it gets the less I care, so on hot days the Glock in my paddle holster may get a t- shirt pulled over it

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