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Thread: Open carried at Wal-Mart

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    Quote Originally Posted by LethalMouse View Post
    All too true
    Not sure what was meant by that. Off duty or on? You surrender no off duty rights to carry that I am aware of. When I was on duty I occasionally did a member of a USCG LEDET on boardings.
    "A Veteran is someone who, at one point in their life, signed a blank check made payable to "The United States of America", for an amount of "up to and including my life." That is Honor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NavyLT View Post
    What makes you think that I am old enough to know about the Count from Sesame Street?!? I am, but that's not the point.

    I am starting to re-enlist people in the Navy now who were born after I came in the military. It's time to retire.
    Want to feel old? USS Missouri ( BB-63 ) was decomissioned for the first time ten days before I was born. And I was too old to enlist when it was back in service for the second time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by theicemanmpls View Post
    I am trying to understand why the OP felt the need to OC in wally world.
    I am asking charliej47 explain why. Other then it is your right.

    I open carried while on duty, in uniform.
    The message the weapon, the uniform, badge, duty belt, magazine holders, and other accessories delivers is;
    "Interfere with my mission, I may use deadly force."
    Off duty, while in uniform, I put a long windbreaker that covers the duty belt. I am wearing a "shoot me" uniform.

    What is the purpose of showing people shoping for their families your gun?

    I agree with rocket. Keep your firearm concealed.
    This is the Open Carry section of this forum. If you don't like Open Carry, maybe you should stay in the Concealed section.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by kittyhawk63 View Post
    This is the Open Carry section of this forum. If you don't like Open Carry, maybe you should stay in the Concealed section.
    Did you happen to notice that theicemanmpls posted that back in July and that he has since been banned from the forum?

    We steamed with the Kitty Hawk on the sunset cruise of USS Constellation in 2003(?), last time the two ships ever steamed together. I was in VAQ-131 during the Iraq war.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pewbs View Post is for the birds

    You're right. Notice my user name. That's why I am a member of OCDO.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by kittyhawk63 View Post
    You're right. Notice my user name. That's why I am a member of OCDO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mappow View Post
    Open-concealed-open-concealed-open............For Gods sakes, just carry!!!

    "The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities." --author and philosopher Ayn Rand (1905-1982)
    Speak the word!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by theicemanmpls View Post

    In Aisle 14, small appliances, there is a man wearing a gun.
    I didn't know that I could buy a gun in appliances and wear it. What a neat sales gimmick. Tell the man he will have to put it back if he doesn't intend t buy it.

    I say, If it is your right to open carry, go ahead, knock yourself out. Open Carry all you want.
    I've never knocked myself out with my firearm yet, but I might try it one day if I have a hard time sleeping.

    Personally, packing a .44 special, loaded with Corbons hidden on my belt or in my pocket is a very comforting security blanket. Same goes for the mouse gun.
    I carry a 357 mag, not a 44 special. You must wear a big belt. I carry my 357 inside a holster.

    That is why I always smile when I CC. Nobody knows of what I have. I want it to stay that way.
    Smile is good.

    I know I will always avoid confrontations, and arguments.
    Really? You've never been in an argument. Aren't you married?

    I find myself being more polite to people.
    As it should be.

    Bad drivers no longer aggravate me.
    What? It took a firearm to settle you down?

    I know that I will not become the victim of a felony crime.
    Is that a guarantee? Try selling that to a criminal and see what you can get for it.

    Because I don't open carry;

    I will not scare little girls.
    It's about time.

    I will not cause liberals to pee their pants, and call a politician.
    What a great reason to Open Carry.

    People will not be calling the police, and saying "man with a gun".
    Can women get in on this, too?

    If I want people to notice me, I will buy a flashy car,fine clothing, jewelery, and a cheap blond.
    Firearms are cheaper.

    If I can't afford the car, clothing, or jewelery, I still have the cheap Blondie.

    If I were to open carry in public with out the benefit of a uniform. I would always be uncomfortable, always on edge, looking for someone to accost or assault me, just because I carry a pistol in plain view.
    Are you paranoid? I'm from Texas, I've never carried a firearm in Plainview. I did just outside Ft. Worth. Does that count?

    Again, if you want to carry to show people you have rights, go right ahead. If you carry because its Tuesday, go for it.
    Thank you, but I don't need your permission. Well, today is Tuesday and I carried all day; I just didn't go anywhere.

    It may be for you, but not for me.
    Different strokes for different folks.
    The End.

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    Quote Originally Posted by theicemanmpls View Post
    Most people are a pleasure to work with. However, all it takes is one nut job to make one wonder why firearms are legal.
    And it takes one power hungry, abusive, overbearing, harassing, nut job to wonder why police officers are legal.

  11. In some states you are required to have a Concealed to carry open or otherwise
    Richard S. Hoskins Jr

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