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  1. Quote Originally Posted by marionandjohn View Post
    GA only issues a carry permit and then you choose how you want to carry and for me that depends on how I feel like dressing that day. If visiting from out of state and it is a state that reciprocates then you must possess which ever license your state issues. in other words GA dont care how you carry but you must have a permit to carry.
    Unless you are active duty military! (exempt in GA only, not in other states)

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    If only we could here in S.C. Can't even CC in a place that sells alcohol for consumption on premises...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Unfettered Might View Post
    What else did you expect here in Kentucky? Lol

    There's a Hooters in Bullitt County?
    I think we where either on Preston or Dixie, whichever county that is. Jefferson maybe ?

    Yes, I had two beers with hot chicken wings and crab lags. Some girl was on the patio in her bathing suit top and some Daisey Duke shorts with some high wedged type heels. Got my pic with her, now If I can get it sent to me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ropadope View Post
    Visited an old Ranger buddy of mine from 3rd Ranger Batt this past weekend. Both of us OC'd our weapons at Hooters. Not one person asked, looked or inquired about our weapons.

    Of course this was Bullett County, Kentucky.
    Sounds like a fish story... Gonna need pictures for proof...

    Off topic...

    AR optics in the $150-$200 range perhaps $250... Looking for a decent up close with option for distance.
    Any opinions? PM me.. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NavyLT View Post
    Unless you are active duty military! (exempt in GA only, not in other states)
    correct 16-11-130 states that military are exempt however, how many cops know of that paragraph? I am military and its alot easier to pay $40 (when I got my GFL) then to explain the law to a cop that I dont have to have one. I have carried in many "gray areas" without worry of if I were legal or not utilizing my military status as a way to tell myself I was legal. I still recommend to my troops that wish to carry to go ahead and get the gfl but explain to them that they are legal with out it.
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