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What does any of that Information you posted have to do with open carrying. Not being rude. But Real curious. And Why Would they put Firearm on your Attorney ID. I've never heard of that before. None of that makes any sense. I understand about the Attorney ID But, Firearm on it??? When I go to the County Building (Court) Im always Armed. I notify The Sheriff at The desk and he secures my weapon while Im doing my Business. Please dont take offense I'm more Curious than anything. Its Confusing
it was a response to your post:

"But as for all the Legalities of Open Carrying why would you want to attract the Attention to yourself. Out of Sight, Out of Mind. Thats the best Policy. The only person or, Persons that Know I Carry is my wife and, Children Even most of my Friends that I go out with Dont Know I Carry."

I was actually agreeing with your point but pointing out that I had been unknowingly publishing my carry status by having my Attorney ID placed in my wallet where it was displayed when I displayed my license to purchase alcohol (most stores now require age id of everyone to avoid the sever penalties of making a mistake, even if the customer is obviously over 50 - it's a simple rule, no id, no beer.)

As for your other questions I don't know the purpose for the "FIREARM" designation on the Attorney ID. All attorneys need to exhibit their pistol permit 9if the have one) to get the secure pass id, but I didn't think they were putting a designation on the ID itself. I never closely examined the ID. I just stuck it in a spot next to my license so it would be quick and easy to exhibit when I was using it to enter a courthouse.

Then one day a clerk in a store asked if I had my gun with me and when I asked what he was talking about he pointed out the "FIREARM" designation on the ID.