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  1. First OC in WV

    Born and raised in NY i grew up basically told that short of performing sexual favors on the Govenor I would never be able to buy a handgun. Joined the AF and got to live in DE with legal OC....but wait!!! not in the city i lived in. So now my tour is done in Dover and I heading for WV. I move to the Martinsburg area on Fri. and will carry a firearm for the first time. I just bought a holster today and am 3/4 excited to finally have a right in the this country, while I am a 1/4 nervous as I am hoping to not get hassled by LEO's and such.
    As best I could research I have heard OC in WV is generally accepted and not a big deal, Has anyone here OC'd in the Martinsburg area and have any more insight or advice?

    Once I get settled in I can finally get a CCW!! Well I could have got one in DE but you have to post your Name and address annoucing you have a gun in the paper which.

    My post may seem trivial to some carry veterens, but moving out of NY and being allowed to just buy a handgun was like a person having the right to vote for the first time, and now being able to carry without a series of all too intense Jim Crow style laws... well I feel like a kid in a candy store. OMG I HAVE RIGHTS!!! sorry I'm happy.

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    Well, no, I havent open carried near Martinsburg. I have however, open carried in other parts of WV, and have had no problems. Make sure you know the law and carry (and use) a voice recorder.

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    Welcome to Wild, Wonderful, West Virginia!

    Don't forget you'll need to show completion of a certified firearms class to apply for the permit. OC is generally accepted here and completely legal for anyone not prohibited from owning a firearm. I can't speak for Martinsburg as i'm from the 'Northern' panhandle and carry openly on occasion. Been doing it infrequently for 15+ years with no problems.

  5. I go to school in virginia. We like to call West Virginia the last free state.

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    Post WVCDL Martinsburg OC/CC/NC Luncheon 08/21/10

    You are welcome to attend the upcomong West Virginia Citizens Defense League's OC/CC/NC luncheon, which begins at 11 AM, Saturday, August 21, 2010, at Sissy's Family Restaurant, 55 Meadow Lane, Martinsburg. Additional information is available on the WVCDL Forums.
    James M. "Jim" Mullins, Jr., Esq.
    Attorney, The Law Offices of James M. Mullins, Jr., PLLC
    Founder and Past President, West Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc.

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