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    Another thing to consider here is does your state require a holster. I know OH does and you cant carry without a holster. I have carried this way and I do prefer Appendix carry as its way more comfortable and much easier to maintain control of your weapon. Meaning if someone bump checks you and your carrying on the hip then the gigs up. Appendix carry is kinda hard to bump check. But to each his own, I for one am confident and have no problems with this type of carry with my 1911's. I carry this way with other weapons as well. Just have to keep your digit out of the trigger hole.
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    I love the Movie Cobra..... His car is sweet.... I would not carry a gun like he does though...But since he is a LEO, and of course in this movie, hes a rogue [email protected]$$ LEO, I dont think it would matter how he carried it lol/// You could not carry like that in SC though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Loblaw View Post
    Shooting your nuts off is not as rare as one might think.

    Man kills two stones with one bird.
    Good gosh man! I read the short clip on this. Is it wrong that I cringed and laughed out loud at the same time? Holy high-speed nutcracker batman!! Holsters arent that friggin expensive.

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    In SC that would be considered open carry which is not legal for us comman folk.

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