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That California law LIMITS OC to being unloaded is idiotic and an infringement of the Constitution. That California is a SHALL issue state is also idiotic. So the only way most people can carry a firearm for protection is OC, which is better than nothing even if you have to put a mag in.

That another CCer thinks that BGs have some sort of radar for OCers is also not the most enlightened thing to say, especially if the OCer happens to be sitting down. That you turned a valid argument that California forces OCers to carry unloaded being wrong, into yet another CCer promoting how CC is better is just as wrong and it doesn't hold as much validity as you'd like to think.

At least they are exercising a right and educating the public, what are you doing to further the cause? Because knocking your fellow 2A enthusiast isn't doing a damn thing.

That division has to end people.

Thank you Unfettered Might. I have only just recently aquired my CA CCW because I was LUCKY enough to be in the right county with just the right Sheriff that cares about RTBA and the 2A, and even then it took nearly 4 months and over $200 for the process. Most other cities and counties will absolutely not give CCW permits for "average" citizens here without some re-election grease or a rediculous "good cause". This leaves Unloaded Open Carry the only legal way to be armed. I say good on them for doing what they can.

By the way, this bill has been re-introduced as AB 144. The antis aren't giving up.