Early Voting OCing 1911- Agian
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Thread: Early Voting OCing 1911- Agian

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    Early Voting OCing 1911- Agian

    I just had the pleasure to exercise two rights at the same time....Voting while OCing.

    Earlier this week my wife and I traveled back to Utah to vote and take care of some business. I voted at the Cottonwood Heights city hall, nobody even blinked an eye.

    As suggested by a poster on UtahConceledCarry.com I afixed the "I Voted" sticker on my holster. Later this evening we went to dinner with my mother at Olive Garden, while we were waiting to be seated, a young gal came up and pointed at my 1911 and said "that is so cool" and headed off with her friend.

    Man....I love Arizona and Utah.


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    I'm so exsited, I plan on open carring while voting for the first time here in Michigan!
    Nov 2

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