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  1. Open Carry in Alabama

    Have a CCP issued in VA. Traveling through TN to Alabama for a brief trip. Reciprocity in TN... but not in Alabama. Is open carry legal in AL so I can just put my firearm on the car seat beside me? I cannot find a basic answer to this question. Thanks in advance, folks.

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    Hey Dude: I have been doing a little research into this problem and have found that, regardless of what law enforcement agency you call, you will get a different answer. My sheriff says open carry in legal; the municipal police department says no. One says you can carry your weapon loaded in your car if you have a CCL, another says you can't. We have such a mish-mash in this area that one can not feel he is in compliance with the law. I told a State Trooper what the State law says about weapons carry and he told me I was wrong, even with me reading it chapter and verse. Guess you have to take your chances and hope you are stopped by a reasonable LEO who is a staunch 2d Amendment supporter.

  4. I'm not about to encourage you to break the law, but my experience with LEO's in other states and out-of-state permits is that most of them just want to see a certified carry permit. Not all officers are educated in reciprocity laws and sometimes just let you go when you show a carry permit from your own state.

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    It is legal to Open Carry in Alabama , But you have to watch out for the city Ordinance's. Each City is different.
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