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    I agree with you Mappow. The great majority of criminals are pure cowards. That is why they go after people they percieve to be weak. They really don't want to risk their lives for a few bucks.

    All of the self defense articles tell you to use body language to show that you are not an easy target. Walk like you are in charge, keep your head up, look em in the eye. Plus, almost all of the accounts I read indicate that the majority of encounters are over as soon as the BG sees the weapon. I know, not all, but a majority. More proof that BGs are cowards.

    I figure if they see I am armed, they probably think I am willing to use it if needed. And they'll move on to easier prey.

    What's really funny though is when I am in Columbus, and I stop to eat some where, the thugs will just about go bug eyed when they see whitey packing. No offense to anybody on this forum. I always want to say "You're not used to seeing it outside the waistband are you?" But discretion is the better part of valor, so I keep my big mouth shut.

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    Indiana law is silent on the mode of carry, so we can carry either way. I have carried both ways, but I mostly carry concealed so that if a confrontation breaks out, and I must present my handgun, I want the gun to be a surprise to everyone but me.
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  4. Shots fired...

    People ask why I carry a gun. Gunshots just rang out nearby. I called the Sheriff's office and they asked if I felt threatened. I said not directly but I do not like gunshots going off near my home. It's dark out. Past hunting time. They said the closest officer was about 20 miles away. They would note the time and he would cruise by when he got a chance.

    If you are not armed, you are prey.
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    From a friend who is a LEO

    A friend of mine who is a LEO (actually detective) said whenever he OC's, he wears his badge on his belt in front of his holster, only to let little blue haired ladies feel comfortable. The other day it was unseasonably warm here in AZ, so I OC'ed in an Applebee's the hostess looked at me up and down and had a look of concern. I smiled and said "don't worry, I'm a good guy". She them smiled back and seated us.

    I am still amazed at how many people look when I OC, maybe I should grab my old badge out of storage and wear it, but then again, they would REALLY look funny at me since i am now disabled.


  6. Quote Originally Posted by Daven View Post
    A friend of mine who is a LEO (actually detective) said whenever he OC's, he wears his badge on his belt in front of his holster, only to let little blue haired ladies feel comfortable.

    You mean our government has been lying to us?!? Didn't they pass the LEOSA because they said LEO were in more danger from criminals than the rest of us? So, if it is true, that LEO are in more danger from criminals than the rest of us, thus entitling them to firearms "rights" that the rest of us aren't, why would your friend ADVERTISE that he is LEO when off duty?

    If it is true that LEO are in more danger than the rest of us, like the government says, than I would think your friend would be more concerned about the criminals seeing his badge than he would be about blue haired ladies seeing his gun.

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    I don't know, I just guess he like to brag with his pretty gold badge, LOL. He LOOKS like a cop, 6'5" bald (shaves) and built like a brick house.

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    I am in southeast Michigan, we can ccw or oc, so I normally carry on my belt oc and my gun is normally covered by a shirt or coat. The wind has blown my shirt or coat a number of times exposing my gun, no one has ever said anything.

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    I've never liked having to hide my weapon and here in Washington State I OC 99% of the time and have been for a few years now.

    To the nay Sayers that OC is bad... Look back some time ago in Arizona, a black man slung an AR across his back. They said it would set us back, they said it was bad for the cause. Well now Arizona has Constitutional Carry and as you can see it turned out really bad for Arizona.

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    I have just recently gotten involved in the OC movement. I have not OCed yet, but I have been out several times with OCers. As of last week, I have started carrying my Colt King Cobra 357 (loaded) with me in the house and around my property.

    I told my wife she will need to get used to looking at me holstering up. I put my Colt on when I dress in the morning and take it off just before I get ready for bed. She has shown absolutely no problem with my carrying.

    I wish I were much younger. I am retired and I am reluctant to OC out in the public here in northern CA. I don't want to be arrested and be found guilty of a felony and end of leaving my wife alone while I serve time. I sure wouldn't look forward to housing with some of the inmates in our prisons. Need I say more?

    I am quite proud of you young people who see the importance of standing up for your God-given right to self-protection. The same goes for you middle-aged and older people as well.

    Be careful out there!

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    There is no law here that prevents it nor one that condones it.
    I was told in this day and age open carry here in MA is a good way to loose the license...

    I try to imagine the patriots that walked here 230+ years ago carrying their arms openly and making no fuss over any man who did the same...

    Surrounded by frigging rights trampling liberal sheep who would crap themselves at the sight of one now...

    So I keep it out of sight...
    You can give peace a chance alright..

    I'll seek cover in case it goes badly..

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